Seeing Things in Red and White

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past 219 years, it’s that I’ve still got a lot to learn. And learn daily, I do.

This month’s first lesson came in genetics and that’s a day (or two) I slept through in college. Somehow our black cow and black bull hit a home run with this beautiful little red man on the opening day of calving season, but a fine specimen of recessive genetics he is. Don’t you think?

I was also reminded this month how good it feels to clean. Let me rewind…it doesn’t feel good to clean, but it feels good for the 5 minutes post-cleaning when my house actually looks like it’s not inhabited by a bunch of pigs. In the same breath, it feels awesome to throw away a lawn-size trash bag FULL of used hair, bath and body products, resulting in seeing the bottom of my bathroom cabinet again. Who bought all that stuff, anyway? (***crickets)

On a serious note (because I am always either very serious or very not), I reminded myself and a few others that dreams are never off the playing field. We may fumble seeing them through, but it’s never too late to pick them back up and keep running. And contrary to how this post sounds, I’m actually not much of a sports fan. Except for my alma mater, NC State, who are having an awesome football season. #GoPack (And as this photo suggests, I’m also a nail biter. There – I said it. It’s a nervous habit passed on by genetics. Maybe I really should have listened better in that class…or maybe that would have been psychology. I slept through a few of those days, too.)

October also reminded me in absolute, no uncertain terms that I am a beef eater, beef cooker, beef lover. Period. I tried to cook chicken twice and twice failed. Beef can be so forgiving and a little blood never hurts – in fact, a little blood coming from a steak will have your taste buds thanking you. (All you nay-sayers HAVE to trust me!) This is not true for the white stuff. I’m not saying I’ll give up on cooking it ever again, but it’ll be a while (years?). I’m just thankful we survived. For all of y’all that have mastered cooking poultry 10 ways from Sunday, you are better than me. That is all.

I know I learned more this month, but I can’t remember it right now and I’m not sure anything else would fit the red-and-white-bloody-sports theme I’ve managed to weave through this post, so I’m stopping while I’m ahead. (If that can be considered ahead.)

What has October taught you? I’d love to hear.

Your Self-Mutilating, Bloody-Meat-Eating Friend

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