Hi y’all! (Said with every ounce of southern drawl that I’ve been told by some I have.) Welcome to the farm. 🙂 Well, welcome to my online version of this “farm wife farm life” that is my real life…and it can be a doozy around here.

Meet our zoo crew. My girl, Austin, given my mom’s maiden name and who thinks it’s really neat some little boys have the same name as her, since Austin is a “girl name,” after all. I don’t have the heart to tell her otherwise and wouldn’t want to be the boy who tried.


My boy Wesley – my tall, handsome, smart “little” boy, who just yesterday was a chubby toddler telling every Grandma who asked at the grocery store, that his name was “John Wayne Wesley Robert Bernard.” He chose to daily watch the Duke’s movies over cartoons and we didn’t interfere – don’t judge.


And then my man – my very own John Wayne of a husband, affectionately referred to as “LB” (that’s his initials y’all…my simple mind keeps things simple, as you will learn if you stick around for any amount of time. You’ve been warned). He only looks tough and mean in the photo above – he’s actually like a big teddy bear (ie. the photo below) – especially when our little girl crawls up in his lap and bats her pretty little hazel eyes at him. He once said he would never be able to help create a “she-baby”, but Baby, oh Baby, how she’s affected him. In all the good, little-girl-wants-to-be-just-like-her-daddy, kind of ways. He also says she will be the reason he is in prison in about ten years when boys start calling…but we hope and pray that doesn’t come to pass.


The family photo above, in all it’s silly, beautiful glory, is tangible evidence of the intangible – my heart and soul. Wrapped up in the three people that I do life and love and crazy with every single day. The only person not seen here is Jesus. He is what holds me and us all together and in actuality, He’s as evident here as any of us. Because without Him, we wouldn’t be “us” at all.

God used this family to save me from myself – and gave me a second chance at life with Him, through them. He’s also given me a heart to share through My Pen and My Lens the glory He reveals everyday on this farm we get to call home. This online space will be an outlet for me to share the mostly light-hearted (and sometimes heavy-weight), parts of this journey we call life.

I am beyond thrilled (if not altogether surprised) that you’ve stuck with me this far and I truly hope you’ll come back often to share in the journey with us – because if I’ve learned anything in my “thirty-something” years, our stories all matter and they are always better together. (Especially over a glass of sweet tea and a handful of lard-made-honey-and-butter-laden biscuits.) See you somewhere on the farm soon…

“Merdie” (my accidental nickname that permanently stuck)