When the Farm and the Rain and Life Get Claustrophobic

When rain and farming and life gets suffocating | ThisFarmWifeFarmLife.com

It’s rained for two days straight. And it’s suffocating me. The weather had just turned perfect – warm, 70-something breezy days and the promise of getting in the hay field. All the hay needing cut and this girl primed and ready as her tractor and hay rake to get at it. Yet not able.

Sometimes life grounds us when we don’t want it to.
Sometimes it feels suffocating.
Sometimes it’s more than a day or two – sometimes it’s an entire season.

Farming is so much like life in so many ways. The climate affects output. When everything isn’t “just right,” we lose the ability to move on and adapt and deal. Yet, sometimes we have to learn to adapt – regardless. Just like a farmer does.

If it rains, they work on things that can be worked on while the sun’s not shining – so they can make hay or plant their crop when the sun shines again. 

There’s a lesson there for all of us. Life’s never going to be perfect, but some days will be. Those are the ones we need to capture, even if it’s just in our minds. Hold on. Remember. Cherish. Because the rain is always going to eventually come…and it’s necessary.

We don’t grow without periods of rain in our life any more than the grass on this farm grows without it. If our grass didn’t grow, our cows wouldn’t eat and our calves wouldn’t grow to repeat the cycle that is life as we know it and love it.

Neither would our personal lives manifest themselves if didn’t learn and grow from the times we wish we didn’t have to. But they always pass. The rain always eventually stops and the sun always eventually shines. Somedays that’s the best reminder of all. It was for me today.

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens…” Ecclesiastes 3:1

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