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Beautiful Burley – NC Tobacco

At one time years ago, my husband and his family raised tobacco on our farm. That’s a long ago memory, but we now let a neighbor use one of our old barns to hang and cure his burley tobacco – or ‘bacca as a lot call it. 😉 This morning as I was driving back from checking on…

What Farming Has Taught Me About Quitting

  CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN: As I white-knuckle gripped the tractor wheel crawling down the muddy trail from a hay field (in the worst of places) to haul bales to the trailer for loading, I thought how farming really isn’t for the faint of heart. And then I laughed, because I’m the most faint of heart…

Somedays You Just Gotta Fish

There is always more to do on the farm than there are hours in the day to do it. Something broken needing fixing. Something hungry needing feeding. Something growing needing mowing. Something tattered needing mending. And sometimes that includes family time that has a way of falling to the bottom of the list. Right now we…

When Harvest Is a Long Time Coming

I wrote these words last fall over here, but I needed them today and I want them in this space…maybe someone else needs them, too. Listen By Clicking Below: It’s harvest time on the farm – and it’s been a long time coming. The preparation has seemed to be as never-ending as the ninety degree…

When It Snows on the Farm

It never truly feels like winter on the farm until it snows. Well, my husband would say it feels like winter on the farm when it’s below 30 degrees, because he’s out in it all day, every day. But for the kids and I, it takes a good snow to truly welcome winter. And yesterday…

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This Farm Wife’s Favorite Thing

I wrote these words and took these photos a couple of months ago and published them on my photography site, but because they embody so much of this farm wife farm life and my favorite thing to do in my favorite place with my favorite people, it just makes sense to start this blog by repeating…